We all know how popular Instagram is. Most of the readers here probably swipe through their Instagram once before going to bed and even go through it right after waking up. The bad thing is, a lot of people are addicted to it, and on top of that, obsessed with ‘likes’- the reaction of people of Instagram when they seem to find the most interesting. Yes, people are actually obsessed with buying Instagram likes. I will be honest; even I like it when I find that my posts are receiving an ample amount of ‘likes’.


Some factors on Instagram likes:

Does it really matter?

Well since everyone is so obsessed with getting likes and views on Instagram, it surely matters? Well, it does if we actually pay heed to the number of like below every post. You will automatically be considered popular and well known if you have a good number of likes. For a normal user, it should not really matter; we are using it just to keep in touch with our friends and to know how the people we care about are doing. But, it actually matters to those who have some serious business on Instagram, as it is a great platform to expose yourself, your skills, service or products.

How do you increase the number of likes?

Well, you don’t. It is something that will grow on its own if the things uploaded are actually like-worthy. I mean, you can actually do some nonsensical activities such as engage bots to like your posts and make you look like you are having a great number of buy Instagram likes. But it does not really help if you are running the account for business, I mean; you are going to need actual people with actual accounts to follow you and like your posts.


The final verdict:

There have been some discussions regarding the removal of the Instagram like button. Because a lot of people think Instagram likes to make people do crazy things, because, to a lot of them, that every number below every post is what matters. Well, frankly, I do think that the ‘like’ feature of Instagram should not be removed. People do get obsessed with it, yes, but come on, it’s fun!

What I would suggest, is that, yes do keep a look at the number of yours likes but do not take it seriously to that level where it feels that Instagram likes are the most necessary thing to enjoy this social media platform. It is meant to be taken casually. Keep up the good work, and it is a surety that your page will gain popularity, which also means gaining more likes.