LIV@MB condo is a private condominium that is also a redevelopment project. Many amateur parks are located near this condominium. Its location is very much perfect as the resident people can enjoy the cool breeze from their home. The local is the central hub for many tourist places, shopping malls, and famous restaurants.

You will love this place:

Other important places like offices, schools, and hospitals are easily accessible from the condominium. The developer of the LIV @ MB condo is very experienced in residential developments and had made many projects in Singapore. The condominium is located in the proper place as it can make the residents easily travel to other places in the country. Like the stations, airports, and bus stands are near the condominium.  The nearest station can be reached in just 10 minutes if you take the bus. The bus services near the condominium can let you connect with all important routes. There are so many highways out there that make your travel not so lengthy. All the people who love travelling will never regret that they purchased this condominium. It will be a profitable deal for them. Even the nearest airport can be reached within 12 minutes.

What should you look for in these condos?

One of the most important things for any residents is that they can easily access the hospitals in a health-related emergency. The condominium is located in a place where many reputed hospitals are present near. You can reach those health centres in minutes by driving. Apart from these benefits, there are also good schools and universities present near the condominium. All kinds of schools like primary, secondary, or preschools are not far from the condominium. Many schools are present ear walking distance. It is easy and comfortable for both parents and the students when their schools are near. It would be so hectic if all the shopping malls or other recreational places are located very far from the building. But if you become a resident of this condominium, you don’t need to take hectic drives to reach your destination.

There are so many shopping malls, eateries,and parks that are easily accessible. There are so many new cafes, and restaurants are open in the streets near the condominium.