Ears can become clogged for several reasons. The sensation of a clogged ear is due to ear canal blockage or a change in pressure within the ear. To understand why ears are clogged and its possible treatment, check here to learn more about a possible natural medication. There are a lot of reasons why ears are clogged, to be discussed here.

Earwax (Cerumen Impaction)

Earwax is produced by the body to trap dust and debris, preventing them from entering the ear canal. Sometimes, however, earwax can accumulate and become impacted, causing a clogged feeling in the ear. This can be due to improper ear cleaning or the natural movement of earwax toward the ear canal.

Ear infections

Infections in the ear, particularly in the middle ear (otitis media) or the external ear (otitis externa or swimmer’s ear), can lead to a feeling of fullness and blockage in the ear.


Allergies can cause inflammation in the ear canal or Eustachian tube, which results in a sensation of clogged ears.

Changes in Air Pressure

Rapid changes in air pressure, such as:

  • during air travel
  • scuba diving
  • driving at high altitudes

All these can cause a temporary sensation of ear fullness or clogging. It is due to the Eustachian tube not equalizing pressure properly.

Foreign objects

Small foreign objects like insects or debris can enter the ear canal and cause a clogged feeling. It can be alarming when these insects might reside and multiply inside the ears.


Swelling in the ear canal, often due to an injury or irritation, can lead to a feeling of fullness and blockage. There are chances of getting infected when left untreated. So, know the cause of swelling and look for the right treatment.

Tumors or growths

Although less common, tumors or growths in the ear canal can obstruct the normal passage of sound and cause a clogged sensation.

If you experience a constant feeling of clogged ears, seek medical attention right away. It may include the following:

  • earwax removal
  • antibiotics for infections
  • allergy management
  • other interventions

It depends on the specific issue.

Do clogged ears cause deafness?

A temporarily clogged ear caused by earwax blockage or changes in air pressure is improbable to lead to permanent deafness. However, if left untreated or the underlying cause is intense, it contributes to hearing problems or complications that might lead to hearing loss.

Avoid cleaning the ears with cotton swabs or other objects, which pushes ear wax further into the ear canal and worsens the problem.