Because Homelabs knows how necessary it is to get a fresh, cool, and comforting climate at home and work, the Homelabs 14000 is especially suited to extreme heat areas. Air conditioners are primarily used in offices to improve employee performance by relaxing minds and cooling behaviours. This device has a number of useful features. The Homelabs 14000 portable air conditioner is an excellent addition to any room in your home. With its fully automated vertical swing feature, you can easily allocate cool mist throughout the entire area with a single button press.

Homelabs 14000 portable air conditioners not only keep your home cool by cooling it down, but they also use a washable filter to keep you breathing clean, filtered air. You can clean the filters for when you need to, but for higher results and to keep the filters clean, wash them every fifteen days. A Homelabs air conditioner review can help understand it better.

Other Features

The air trapped particles can be drained by washing underwater for fresh air every time the button is turned on. This air purifier is as effective as an air purifier and humidifier because its primary function is to keep your home cool for you rather than to filter the air. The homeLabs 14000 air conditioner can be used at home without making a lot of noise. This model offers a nearly silent function for when you really need it the most, with an ability to operate at a reasonable volume ranging between 50 dB on the highest setting to below 40 dB at lower settings. During sleep hours, for example, or while watching Television with friends who don’t want their own voice box drowned out by a loudly able to run unit next door.